Astrobrother (Dr. Amit Maheshwari)

Astrobrother is an internationally acclaimed professional “Fortune Teller”. Astrobrother has now completed the degree of Ph.D. in Astrology for Research in depth grip over the subjects for serving all of you the best fortune telling. Astrobrother Dr. Amit Maheshwari  also holds a Bachelors degree in Commerce and as well as Masters of Business Administration degree in Marketing. Astrobrother was the pioneer for “Telephonic Tarot Readings” which was a fairly new counseling concept in India. Astrobrother is also a regular faculty member with so many occult institutes for all those Fortune Telling Subjects since 2003.

Astrobrother is a gifted Fortune Teller for better tomorrow; he has been reading the Palmistry, Coffee Cup Reading, Ramal Shastra, Graphology, Vaastu, Kinesics and Tarot-Readings since he was just 13 years of age. Today Astrobrother is one of the youngest Accurate Fortune Teller, known for an excellent grip over the art of Fortune Telling and Counseling. Since his childhood, Astrobrother has been able to guide & motivate his family, relatives and friends, and progressively others as well, with his God-gifted special intuitive power and the guidance of the Fortune Telling.

Astrobrother studied all these occultism subjects independently. His skill is very evident when examining his client whether that is client’s Palm/Horoscope/Tarot reading/Coffee cup reading/Photo reading etc. Many will look upon Astrobrother as a “Fortune Teller”, and such he shall be expected to be able to make all sorts of predictions. The average person simply doesn’t understand the true purpose of “Fortune Telling”.

Astrobrother believes that the facts in the hand the lines tell the story. His career as a professional fortune teller did not start until years after his initial lessons with copious collection of Palmistry notes of his Father Shree Chuttan Lal Ji Maheshwari, supported him a lot stand in front of you like “Astrobrother”. Most of people including Astrobrother does not start life thinking about becoming professional fortune teller. One becomes a professional fortune teller by a simple twist of fate. Necessity knocks and the door must be opened. This was the case with Astrobrother.

Astrobrother’s Fortune Telling helps you in all matters: Career, Business, Finance, Marriage, Friends, Love, Family, Education, Health, Travel, Life Span etc. Astrobrother does an in-depth analysis of your situation and delivers an empowering and positive outcome, thus guiding you through obstacles in the past which may be holding you back at the present. He then continues through to the future outcome of your situation.

Astrobrother will not make decisions on your part but encourages you to make choices for yourself betterment without him being judegmental about you. Astrobrother’s aim is to provide you with as much as of information as you need to walk away, feeling clearer, stronger and lighter, and even more in tune with your path and purpose. Astrobrother’s Fortune predictions aim to provide you a clearer vision and act as an inspirational source for a bright future for better tomorrow for ever.

Astrobrother also teaches Fortune Telling development through Palmistry, Tarot-Readings, Graphology, Kinesics, Vaastu, Coffee Cup Readings, Ramal Astrology, Photo Readings & Free Hand sketching which includes self-healing & self-awareness. Astrobrother will balance your negative energies and bring in the positive ones.

Astrobrother’s telephonic readings are just as incredible as his face to face sittings and tend to be just as accurate. As he keeps moving around different cities/countries, he is often consulted on the telephone. Astrobrother’s list of clients includes film stars, politicians, industrialists, professionals, businessmen, home makers, students and beggars too for their better tomorrow.There are so many worries in the mind of now a day or from the very past times that what does the future hold for our self whether it will be fruitful or not ? Astrobrother is here for all of those who wish to know about these things through Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot readings,or any other kind of occultism and also Astrobrother will advice on any consultancy for your queries.

Psychic Photo Reading


Astrobrother’s Psychic Photo Reading is an amazing tool in fortune forecasting. It is the way to gain information about the relationship and helps you to understand the person who is indulges in any type of relationship with you. Whether he/she is in your family member, partner or Colleague. Astrobrother has helped thousands of people to know better their relatives, friends, partners as well as family members.


Palm Readings (Palmistry)
Vaastu Expert
Tarot Readings
Breaking Up & Divorce
Dream Interpretation
Photo Readings
Kinesics Expert
Coffee Cup Readings
Ramal Shastra
Marital Life
Fortune Tellings
Career Forecast


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(A) When will I find Good Job?


(B) What can I do to make more money?


(C) When will I pay off my debts?


(D) When will I find my true love?


(E) How can I improve my health?


(F) How can I improve my relationship with my boss/partner?


(G) Will I ever be blessed with a child?


(H) How can I improve my family relationships?


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